Assisted Living Activities

A certified music therapist provides monthly music therapy and interactive chimes. It’s an activity that promotes positive interactions among residents, improves their concentration and helps provide a sense of peace. It culminates in residents’ participation in Pines of Sarasota's yearly Christmas program.

Relaxation and movement classes gradually improves strength, limberness, circulation, stamina, memory, and feelings of well being of participating residents. It may also help reduce depression, insomnia, and many of the aches and pains of everyday life.

A favorite with residents are our bi-weekly, led by teachers who specialize in working with nursing home residents. Our art class has helped dozens of residents realize artistic potential they were unaware they had. The proof are the many awards and ribbons residents have won year after year at the Sarasota County Fair Hobby Show.

Staying actively involved in the life of the community is important to residents so we regularly arrange outings to various cultural activities, local events and restaurants.

Spiritual activities catering to various denominations are regularly available and Pines of Sarasota has an in-house Chaplain who visits and counsels residents when requested.

Residents socialize, get creative, and share their skills at our monthly themed tea parties.

Adult education opportunities provide the chance to stay involved, take on new challenges and keep learning. Our "Down Memory Lane" program lets residents share memories and past experiences with one another, an opportunity that promotes a sense of friendship among residents. There is also a well-stocked library in the unit that is regularly visited abbey residents and updated by the team.

Always a joyous experience for everyone involved, inter-generational activities happen regularly with children from the onsite Child Care and Learning Center, with local community schools, and our very involved young volunteers. We’re also pleased to be a first choice for many student volunteers wishing to earn credit for Florida Bright Futures.

The pet therapy provided by certified volunteers and professional groups offers stimulating and comforting interactions filled with joy between residents and pets.

A favorite with residents are the musical performances where local professional entertainers provide entertainment ranging from jazz to country to classical.

Games of all sorts including Wii Bowling, Cornhole, bingo, board, dice, and card games are a great way for residents to interact with one another, their visitors and our volunteers.