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Providing Rehabilitation Services, Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living, and Memory Care


Memory Care

To help those residents with Alzheimer’s and dementia to better respond to their environment, we stimulate their senses through the frequent use of specific cues and objects. This Sensory Stimulation facilitates an increased capacity for reorganizing or utilizing existing brain processes.

Exercise and fitness activities provide residents opportunities to increase and/or maintain flexibility and mobility through fun options including "sittercise," "positive moves" and the just plain fun of moving to music.

A board certified music therapist who specializes in motivating positive interactions engages residents with music. Because music has proved such an effective way to engage residents we also have:

Voc-Aerobics is a musical and vocal exercise program for those with disabilities. It provides an opportunity for self-expression, vocalization and communication. Each lesson consists of deep-breathing exercises, physical exercises, vocal exercises, vocal warm-ups and a fun sing-along.

Sing-along Cafés, where residents get to enjoy the music from the 20s through the 50s. Lyrics are typed in a large font that helps everyone join in and sing the music of their lives. Also extremely popular are our intergenerational sing-alongs with the campus daycare students and special karaoke events.

Art Without Boundaries – Mneme Therapy (pronounced Nemma) uses singing, movement, story-telling, painting and the power of praise, to achieve its goals of engaging residents and giving them a means of self-expression. The rewards of the experience are a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

Expressive Arts – a creative program that helps to bring out the artist in our residents. The Art Without Boundaries program uses different forms of art such as visual arts, music, movement, writing, poem-making and expressive puppetry.

The pet therapy provided by certified volunteers and professional groups offers stimulating and comforting interactions filed with joy between residents and pets.

Spiritual activities catering to various denominations are regularly available and Pines of Sarasota has an in-house Chaplain who, upon request, visits and counsels residents.

Special Events & Parties - Special events and parties are well attended and enjoyed by residents of Pines of Sarasota. Many local professional entertainers routinely visit our campus providing musical performances ranging from jazz to country to classical. The residents especially enjoy "Full Moon" and "Red Hat, Plaid Shirt” parties.


Skilled Nursing & Assisted Living 
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Memory Care

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