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Providing Rehabilitation Services, Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living and Memory Care

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Pines of Sarasota Foundation

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What We Do
It’s overseeing an organization’s donation of six tricycles to make an unforgettable intergenerational experience between our assisted living facility and childcare center possible. Learn more.

It’s shepherding a family’s gift so that a rehabilitation center can be built where a man, body broken in a horrible motorcycle accident, can regain his strength and just as importantly, his hope. Learn more.

It’s cultivating the community support that allows a senior whose life has lasted longer than her financial resources to continue to receive care that fills her life with meaning.

Why We Do It
Founded in 1990, the mission of Pines Foundation is to make all this possible by raising funds sufficient to create an enduring endowment, to support new construction, constantly maintain and upgrade our existing facility and to meet the program needs of our family of residents. That’s because the family we are caring for, our family, are our mothers and fathers, our sisters and brothers, our grandparents and our children.

We want nothing less for them than to be the benchmark for rehabilitation servicesskilled nursingassisted living, memory care, and child care in our community; and because it is critical we are able to provide that unequaled level of care even after they have outlived their financial resources. Right now, we care for the largest portion of that population in Soutwest Florida, even in the face of inevitable cutbacks in state and/or federal funding.

We work tirelessly for our family, cultivating a culture of philanthropy. We want everyone who contributes to Pines to feel a part of what we do and the family for whom we do it. As the stewards of our donors, we strive to involve you in the work we do, always honoring the intent of your kindness. We want you to experience the same sense of joy and gratitude we do for having the opportunity to do something truly satisfying and meaningful as making Pines' mission possible.

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