Filling Every Day with Purpose, Joy and Meaning

To bring joy and meaning to the lives of our residents and to help them retain physical and mental acuity is best accomplished by fostering a sense of connectedness of community and of family, which is why we put so much emphasis on our activities program.

It begins with recognizing the individuality of our residents and allowing them to get involved in things that have meaning for them; so we offer a wide range of activities, often with several different things going on at the same time, an approach that allows for and respects residents’ choices.


Nationally Certified Activity Director and a team of dedicated Activity Assistants, the program employs the talents of certified music, art and pet therapists, who are specially trained to help residents reap the full rewards of their participation.

Music therapy includes everything from a drum and rhythm group to sing-alongs and dancing. Art classes have residents at the easel, painting portraits to sunsets. Our pets are frequent and beloved visitors that bring smiles and a sense of calm.

Unique Experiences

There are also totally unique experiences like Laughter Unlimited, clowns and musicians from Circus Sarasota, who come to the Pines as often as four times a week to crack jokes, cut up and prove that laughter is, in fact, often the best medicine. There are seasonal excursions to local community restaurants, parks and beaches, the Ringling Art and Circus Museums, Players Theater, the Van Wezel Performing Arts Center, Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium and the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens.

Intergenerational contact between our seniors and the children from our on-campus daycare and preschool is such a regular and rewarding experience for both that we have occasional Friday luncheons. How much does it mean to both groups? It’s not uncommon to hear the children call a resident grandma or grandpa.

Volunteers Share Their Interests

One of the critical components of our activities program, and a crucial reason for its success in engaging residents and keeping them involved, are the good hearts and generous spirits of our volunteers. Their participation helps make it possible for the program to be as vital as it is. Their reward is the opportunity to share their interests and hobbies with an eager group of like-minded seniors.

Be a Volunteer.

Reaping the Rewards

All of these programs – and the wealth of other activities we offer – make a real difference in the quality of life for residents. There is a reduction in the need for medications, an end to depression and the feeling of loneliness. They’re replaced by a sense of belonging, of being productive and purposeful and, most importantly, being a part of a larger family.