Pines of Sarasota Secured Memory Unit

Finding Meaning, Dignity and Beauty

At Pines of Sarasota we understand the unique challenges that come from caring for a loved with Alzheimer’s or related dementias. Our skilled nursing environment and programming are designed to engage residents and honor and encourage their abilities. They are immersed in an active, engaging and enriching supportive environment facilitated by a staff specially-trained in memory issues.

Here, a loving and dedicated team of doctors and specialized skilled nurses are providing round-the-clock care that recognizes the abilities of those with memory disorders still possess, and find effective ways to connect with them so that their lives continue to have meaning, dignity and beauty.

Days Filled With Magic

Our residents are encouraged to engage in daily activities that have meaning, stimulate their senses, and help maintain their physical and cognitive acuity, as well as connect them with others. Spiritual activities are also available for their participation.

Our residents’ lives are also touched and enriched by our community of volunteers who share music, art, horticulture and entertainment experiences; and, of course, there are visits from family, friends and even pets.

It is important to note that residents actively participate in choosing their leisure and group activities, because our program model is based on meeting their interests, needs and care plan goals.

Learn more about our Activities program.

Support for Families

Being filled with the sense that someone you love is slowly slipping away makes caring for someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia difficult, often frustrating, always painful. Support is crucial.

If you have concerns, our doctors, our Dementia Unit Manager, and our nurses are available to answer questions about care and help you navigate through a difficult time.

Never hesitate to contact us.

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Education for Professionals and At-Home Caregivers

To help make your experience as a caregiver easier, more rewarding and more meaningful for those you care for and for yourself, check out our calendar of upcoming seminars, webinars and event subjects and speakers. Register today and begin learning how.

We have a library of DVDs available for purchase by acclaimed experts, Occupational Therapist Teepa Snow and Dr. Paul Nussbaum, Ph.D. a leader in brain health and brain health lifestyle that have helped Pines of Sarasota become recognized internationally as an educational center for professional and at-home caregivers.