A fall can change the quality of your life.

Pines of Sarasota offers physician-directed Outpatient Services to diagnose and treat a wide variety of injuries and illnesses, all located on our beautiful 25-acre Downtown Sarasota campus. As a patient at Pines, you'll benefit from a multidisciplinary collaboration between physicians, therapists and other clinical staff involved in your care. Our licensed rehabilitation professionals combine innovative methods and state-of-the-art technology to help people return to their normal routines quickly. Many of our therapists hold specialty certifications in Parkinson’s, orthopedics, speech and other forms of specialized care.

Outpatient Therapy Services at Pines of Sarasota include:

  • Pre and Post-Surgical Rehab
  • Parkinson’s LSVT aka “BIG” and “LOUD”
  • Ready & Steady Falls Prevention Program
  • Low Back, Shoulder and Neck Pain
  • Chronic Disease Management (CHF, COPD, DM, etc.)
  • Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Joint Pain Management
  • Muscle Sprains and Strains
  • Sciatica
  • Balance Disorders/Ataxia
  • Knee Pain Management
  • Sports Injuries
  • Lymphedema
  • Hand Therapy
  • Vertigo/Vestibular Disorders
  • Temporomandibular
  • Dysfunction
  • Stroke Video-fluoroscopic Swallow Studies
  • VitalStim
  • Tendonitis

For more information call (941) 309-5838.

Ready & Steady – A Plan for Better Balance is another Pines of Sarasota outreach program. We are raising awareness in our community of the critical need for falls prevention in older adults in order to prolong their lives and quality of life. Take our free falls risk assessment and get a recommended action plan from our certified rehabilitation therapists about how you can lessen your risk of falls.


Ready & Steady - Overview, Stats & Problem

Falls A National Health Issue

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries for older Americans. Falls threaten seniors’ safety and independence and generate enormous economic and personal costs. Alarming statistics include: 

  • One-third of Americans 65 and older fall each year
  • Every 20 minutes, an older adult dies from a fall
  • Falls result in more than 2.8 million injuries treated in emergency departments annually, including over 800,000 hospitalizations, 300,000 hip fractures and more than 27,000 deaths 
  • In 2013, the total cost of fall injuries was $34 billion
  • The financial toll for older adult falls is expected to increase as the population ages and may reach $68 billion by 2020
  • Those who fall once are two to three times more likely to fall again – in many cases due to a fear of falling. Because of this fear, they limit their activities and social engagements, resulting in further physical decline, depression and social isolation

Do You Need to Be Assessed?

Take Our Risk Assessment Quiz, and See How You Balance Out

A fall, as defined by the World Health Organization is an event which results in a person coming down to rest independently on the ground or floor or other level (wall, furniture, chair, couch). Answer these questions to see where your risk may be.

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Welcome to your Ready and Steady Assessment

1. Have you had a fall in the last 12 months?

2. Do you take three or more types of medication daily?

3. Do you feel uneasy about walking over different surfaces?

4. Do you have decreased sensation in your feet?

5. Do you worry about falling?

6. If you move the position of your body, do you feel like the room is spinning around, and does it last for more than 15-45 seconds?

7. Do you shuffle your feet when walking?

8. Do you feel uncomfortable in a busy place with people walking quickly around you?

9. Do you hold onto furniture when walking at home?

10. Do you have difficulty negotiating curbs without assist of an arm or cane?