Pine Opine

February 4, 2022

Barbara Rothman

“Anyone with a serious battle needs a strong sense of meaning and purpose in their lives. Playing at the Pines give me so much more than I give them!” Barbara Rothman is a volunteer here, at Pines of Sarasota. She comes often to share with the residents, staff, and anyone […]
February 15, 2022

Joan Reinebach

More than once, Joan has been described as a priceless volunteer for the lengths she goes to for the residents at Pines of Sarasota. Over the last 20 years, Joan Reinebach has given of her time, & resources, but most importantly, she has given abundantly of herself. Like many people […]
February 15, 2022

People of Pines: Doris Hoogland

Those who have met Ms. Doris lovingly refer to her as The Purple Lady. The color purple is seen in even the smallest of touches in her room. The roses outside her window may be yellow, but the puzzles, artwork, planters, & even the dresses she wears shine with shades […]
March 4, 2022

Peter Ward

I found Mr. Ward sitting on the back patio making impressive bird calls to the turtle doves that like to occupy that part of Pine’s campus. Peter told me about quite the journey he has been on, that eventually led him to Sarasota. His story starts many years ago in […]