Joel Amistoso, PT, Director of Rehabilitation, and the therapy team at Pines of Sarasota.
Dickie Smothers talks about his Ready & Steady balance assessment

Ready & Steady – A Plan for Better Balance is another Pines of Sarasota outreach program. We are raising awareness in our community of the critical need for falls prevention in older adults in order to prolong their lives and quality of life. Take our free falls risk assessment and get a recommended action plan from our certified rehabilitation therapists about how you can lessen your risk of falls.

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Take the First Step

The Ready & Steady free falls risk assessment offered by Pines of Sarasota is the crucial first step in falls prevention. It takes approximately 20 minutes, and results are held confidentially. These are the simple steps:

  • Fill out a questionnaire on your medical conditions, medications and activity level.
  • Take a simple “Timed Up and Go (T.U.G.)” test, which evaluates you sitting, standing and walking.
  • Finally, a certified therapist will assess you with the state-of-the-art BIODEX Balance System SD Machine, using three 20-second trials, which are then analyzed to evaluate your risk of falling.

Based upon the findings, a recommended plan of action to help mitigate your risk of falling will be shared with you, and may include the following:

  • Preventative programs like tai chi classes;
  • A home environment assessment by an occupational therapist;
  • Adjustments in medications, vision prescriptions or footwear;

Prescribed physical therapy that includes strength, balance and gait training. This training may be covered by Medicare and/or health insurance.
To determine your risk of falling or that of someone you care about, call 941-552-1882 to schedule a FREE assessment today.