If I would like a tour, are there special hours? Do I need an appointment?
No, pop in any time or call Marilyn Jacobs, ALF Administrator, please call (941) 365-0250 to make an appointment.
What does it cost per month?

Rates are per month, with no deposit and no yearly lease. Please call (941) 365-0250 for current rates.

SINGLE ROOM - Private bedroom

  • Residents bring their own furniture.
  • Each room shares a connecting half bath with the room next door.
  • TWO ROOM SUITE - Private rooms with private half bath

  • Residents can bring their own furniture.
  • A private half bath is between the two rooms
  • What does the monthly rate include?
  • Three fine dining meals plus snacks daily
  • Free WIFI
  • Housekeeping services
  • Laundry services
  • All utilities
  • Daily activities
  • Are there any decorating restrictions?
    Aside from painting and wallpapering, your space is your home so decorate away!
    Where do I shower?
    Each floor has centrally located dressing/shower rooms.
    Can I smoke?
    We are a non-smoking, tobacco-free campus.
    Do you have activities?
    Yes. We have a very good activities program. Click here to view the current calendar.
    Am I allowed to have a car?
    Yes, as long as you have a valid drivers license and active insurance plan for it. There is free parking.
    Can I bring my pet?
    No, but your pet may visit you during the day.
    What are visiting hours?
    There are no restrictions on visiting hours.
    Can I go off campus?
    Yes, you just need to tell the staff and then sign in and out of the logbook.
    Do you provide transportation to medical appointments?
    Yes, for a fee per appointment.
    Do you have a hair salon?
    Yes, there is a beauty salon on campus for your hair and nail needs. No cash/No tips. Fee is billed to your room.
    Do you have an emergency call system?
    Yes, Response Link is a pendant worn as a necklace or bracelet at all times.
    What payer sources do you accept?
  • Private pay
  • VA
  • Long term insurance
  • How do I sign up for VA?
    We can provide you with the necessary paperwork.
    Do you have a bed hold policy?
    What is the age range of the residents?
    Ages 70 to 102.
    Are there rehabilitation services available?
    Yes, Pines of Sarasota has a Rehabilitation Center on campus offering physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy.


    If I am in the hospital, how do I ask to come to Pines of Sarasota?
    Ask your hospital case manager to send your ”referral” to Pines of Sarasota. They will send us your clinical information for review and invite our Nurse Liaison to meet and assess you in the hospital. Our Nurse Liaisons are in the hospital 7 days a week.
    Are there special hours for tours? Do I need an appointment?
    You do not need an appointment, but to ensure adequate time for a tour, an appointment is preferable. Contact Jodi Falk, Director of Admissions, at 941-365-0250.
    Can I pre-register to come to the Rehabilitation at Pines of Sarasota?
    Yes, you can. Contact the Admissions Department to schedule a tour, reserve a room and review your insurance information.
    How many days does Medicare cover for Pines of Sarasota Skilled Nursing?
    Part A Medicare coverage requires a consecutive three night “Inpatient” (not “Observation”) hospital admission and a doctor’s order for Medicare to cover skilled nursing days. The amount of days spent in skilled nursing rehabilitation is determined through doctor, nursing and therapy services along with Medicare.
    Do you take any HMO?
    Yes, we currently contract with 43 HMO Insurances. Just let us know which one you have.
    Does Pines of Sarasota accept co-insurance?
    Yes, after 20 days of Medicare coverage there is a daily co-pay. The Admissions Department will verify your specific supplemental insurance coverage. Many supplements, including Medicaid, pick up all or part of the Medicare co-pay.
    What are the hours for visitation?
    You are free to visit your loved one anytime as long as it does not interfere with resident care, treatments or therapy.
    Do you charge for transportation to doctor appointments?
    If a resident chooses to go to a specialty doctor of their choice instead of using one of our in-house physicians, there is a charge for this service.
    Can pets visit their owners while in Pines of Sarasota Skilled Nursing?
    Absolutely, however they must be on a leash.
    Once my money or Medicare or my HMO runs out, who applies for Medicaid for me?
    You will need to supply bank statements, etc., and we will have an employee assist you with your application.
    Can family members or visitors dine with a resident?
    Yes, we encourage you to dine together. Meal tickets can be purchased at the reception desk in the Pavilion lobby. Regular meal tickets are $5/each and special Holiday meal tickets are $10/each. For special occasions we can arrange a special table or area with advanced notice.


    What qualifies a resident for this secured unit?
    A resident qualifies if they are at high risk for elopement due to wandering from dementia and/or they would benefit from the structure of activities provided in the Garden. The layout of the building allows residents to freely roam the halls and go outside.
    Do residents have to share a room?
    No. There are 42 private bedrooms.
    Can residents go outside?
    Yes. We have a large secured back yard for residents to use as they please. There is also a large covered patio for shade.
    Are there planned activities for residents?
    Yes. We have numerous activities specifically designed for Alzheimer’s residents, which start after breakfast and continue through the day.
    Can I take my resident off campus?
    Sure. Just let the nurses know and sign them in and out of the log.
    Can I dine with a resident?
    Yes, we encourage you to dine together. Meal tickets can be purchased at the reception desk in the Pavilion lobby. Regular meal tickets are $5/each and special Holiday meal tickets are $10/each. For special occasions we can arrange a special table or area with advanced notice.
    What is the difference between Pines' Garden and other secured units?
    We are able to provide the extra attention that these residents require. By recognizing and working with those abilities that remain, our environment allows each resident to flourish and be happy.
    Do you offer any specialty therapies?
    Yes. Besides physical, occupational and speech therapy, we provide massage therapy, music therapy and aromatherapy throughout the day that is focused on calming.
    At what point should the decision be made to place a loved one in the Garden Memory Unit?
    Families usually wait too long – trying to avoid what they think is abandonment. When in fact, the residents actually benefit from our life enriching care. Once here and the family sees them begin to flourish and maximize their quality of life, they realize the wisdom of providing their loved one this environment
    Can you recommend any education programs?
    Yes. You can order caregiver training DVDs that feature Teepa Snow a specialist in caring for Alzheimer’s residents.
    How do I schedule a tour?
    To ensure adequate time for a tour, an appointment is preferable. Contact Jodi Falk, Director of Admissions, at (941) 365-0250, Ext. 2815. You are welcome to visit a few times or even on short notice so you will get a true sense of the Pinesof Sarasota environment.


    What types of insurance do you accept?
    We accept most insurance plans, private, VA, Medicare and Medicaid. For more information please contact Jodi Falk, Director of Admissions, at (941) 365-0250, or contact us.
    Do you offer transportation?
    Yes. We offer free transportation to and from our facilities within our geographic market.
    How many years of experience do the therapists have?
    Director Joel Amistoso has been in the field since 1994. He leads 16 therapists and 2 rehab techs and and admin assistant – physical, occupational and speech, with an average of 10-15 years experience.
    Are activities and hobbies that are important to the patient incorporated into the rehabilitation plan?
    Yes. Our rehabilitation center has a putting green course for golfers, an aquatic pool for swimmers, and a kitchen for cooks, etc.
    Do therapists visit the client’s home before discharge?
    Yes, on a case-by-case basis. The idea is to make sure the skills they learned at Pines of Sarasota can be adapted to their environment. We will also consult with you on any modifications that need to be done in the home and then recommend the best plan.
    Can families visit?
    Yes. We encourage them to partake in the rehabilitation program, too. Especially since family members will be with the patient at home and will continue to encourage their progress.
    Do you have a special area for short-term patients?
    Yes, the first floor of the Jean and Alfred Goldstein Pavilion is designed for short-term patient care.
    Do you offer outpatient services?
    Yes. Please click < href="">here for more information.