The Spirit of Giving

It came as a great surprise to nearly everyone. The parking lot of the Assisted Living Facility (ALF) was suddenly cordoned off. Residents were invited out and took seats around the perimeter. One, an assisted living resident Bob, came on his Hoveround power chair. Led by their teachers, about 30 children, ages two to three, from our Child Care Center joined the assembled group, which by now also included most of the staff from the ALF.

Suddenly, our Thrift Shop truck arrived, pulled into the parking lot and opened its doors. There were six red tricycles. The children’s eyes grew as wide as the new bikes’ wheels. Soon, to their delight and the delight of all in attendance, they were taking turns, pedaling with a passion all around the lot. Bob drove his Hoveround out among them and like a pied piper led the children in a parade. Even Pines CEO, John Overton, took a turn on one of the bikes.

It was all made possible by a generous donation to the Foundation from the Rotary Club. As a joyful, inter-generational experience for the Pines family, it proved to be priceless. Happily, it is not uncommon.