JoRita Stevens talks about how the Ready & Steady program has created balance in her life.
Director of Rehabilitation Joel Amistoso talks about successful balance therapy outcomes
Health & Home Falls Prevention Safety Tips from Pines of Sarasota and Ready & Steady

Ready & Steady – A Plan for Better Balance is another Pines of Sarasota outreach program. We are raising awareness in our community of the critical need for falls prevention in older adults in order to prolong their lives and quality of life. Take our free falls risk assessment and get a recommended action plan from our certified rehabilitation therapists about how you can lessen your risk of falls.

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Following the Falls Risk Assessment, a customized analysis is completed based on results. Contingent on the level of risk for a fall, a variety of options are recommended. If the risk is determined to be low, these suggestions may vary from balance exercises like yoga or tai chi to strength training at a fitness facility with a personal coach at every session.

But if the result of the assessment (medical history, interview and dynamic test results) determines that you are at a medium or high risk for a fall, Pines of Sarasota’s Ready & Steady – A Plan For Better Balance program will send your results, along with comments from the physical therapist, to your physician to potentially take part in a balance rehabilitation therapy intervention.

When you choose Pines of Sarasota for your balance therapy program, it will be conducted by one of our team of certified therapists. Every plan of care is customized, from the choice of appropriate exercise and balance protocol to the use of our sophisticated, state of the art equipment. We use only evidence-based, clinical approaches to balance rehabilitation, and these have been very successful.

Why You Should Choose Pines of Sarasota For Rehabilitation?

Our 16 skilled, caring therapists create a personalized care and treatment plan for each patient, based on your specific needs. Along with a combined 229 years of experience, our therapists also hold advanced certifications in Vestibular, LSVT (for Parkinson’s patients) and Vital Stimulation therapies. Extensive ongoing training, including in the latest geriatric treatments, ensures that they can manage the full range of your needs. And our first-class facilities and cutting-edge equipment provide the setting for our team to help you restore balance to your life.


The clinical outcomes for our balance and strength rehabilitation patients to date validate their need not only for the free risk assessment, but also the value of the physical therapy they received and the benefits to their quality of life. Many area residents who have received the free assessment, were considered at medium to high risk for falling, and have received therapy at Pines of Sarasota have had a significant reduction in their risk of falling after just a short period of strength and balance training.

Post Treatment Options and Recommendations

Following balance rehabilitation, your therapist will provide a list of exercise recommendations to be conducted at home. Ready & Steady will also follow up with you within 30 days to determine how balance in your daily life is going.

The Ready & Steady Team

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