Dr. David Giordano Letter About Pines of Sarasota

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April 10, 2018
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April 10, 2018

Pines provides refuge for seniors

It has been my great privilege to be involved with the Pines of Sarasota. I joined the Pines board of directors in 1993 when I retired from Sarasota Memorial Hospital, where I had been chief of staff and chief of medicine.

Much was accomplished by the board, including construction of a new skilled-nursing building, now known as the Jean and Alfred Goldstein Pavilion. It didn’t occur to me then that the Pines and the Pavilion would one day be a refuge for my wife and me.

As Hurricane Irma approached, we knew my declining health meant that staying home was not an option. I told my doctor there was only one place I wanted to go — the Pines.

The Pines took us in and protected us from the storm. We were safe, and cared for with kindness and skill. The staff was attentive despite the unusual circumstances brought on by the hurricane.

Many things set the Pines apart — caring staff, great food, an open and warm environment, engaging activities — but it’s the sense of community that matters most.

The Pines has served our community for nearly 70 years. As the number of seniors needing care continues to expand, the demand on the Pines will keep increasing, especially for those who have outlived their financial resources. Our community needs to step up to the challenge and help the Pines help our seniors. If we do, the Pines will continue to be a refuge not just during storms, but every day.

Dr. David Giordano, Sarasota

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