Seth & Cruz

Veteran’s Day Parade
November 30, 2021
Mini Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
November 30, 2021

Who could have known that a dog named Cruz could make such a big impact in the lives of our residents? Seth did, that’s who! Cruz is a 10-year-old Boxer who loves to lay his rather large head on the laps of our memory care, assisted living, and rehabilitation residents. Seth and his gentle giant come to visit us at least once a week, but sometimes more often than that.

When the residents see Cruz, all they want to do is pet him and talk about the pups, & cats they had before joining us at Pines. He evokes such happy memories for us all and we get to share our stories with each other.

Mr. David shared about the Schnauzers he and his family raised. He shared a laugh with Seth about making sure the dog “knows who’s boss”, and admitted that a dog the size of Cruz could easily pull him in his wheelchair. Cruz waited patiently for more head rubs, while Mr. David and Seth chatted. When the conversation ran longer than Cruz’s liking, he found a comfortable place to lay at Mr. David’s feet and was soon asleep.

We hate to see them go, but are so thankful that they will be back very soon.


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