12 People at One Senior Care Residential Community are Celebrating 100+ Years of Life

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April 10, 2018
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April 10, 2018


Sarasota, FL: On Friday, August 11, 2017 from 2:30pm – 3:30pm, Pines of Sarasota Rehabilitation and Senior Care Community will be hosting our Annual Centenarian Celebration Tea Party.

Yes, Pines of Sarasota is blessed to be home to 12 lovely ladies who have exceeded that magic age of 100! On August 11, we will host a Tea Party to honor these cherished residents. Our 100+ years residents, their families, Pines staff and volunteers, local dignitaries and media attend this annual celebration.

It was hard to imagine that as many as 12 would share the same home. At Pines of Sarasota, we attribute our large number of centenarians to the compassionate care and innovative activities that are a part of our residents’ daily lives…and, of course, the ladies’ good genes! Our centenarians may not be able to live with their families anymore, but they have found a family and a home at Pines of Sarasota.

“Our centenarian ladies are such a vivacious group; they are part of what makes Pines such a special place,” says John Overton. “I wonder if their spirited attitudes are part of the reason why they’ve achieved this distinction?”

Pines of Sarasota has been serving our community for nearly seven decades. Today, we are the preeminent not-for-profit provider of assisted living, skilled nursing and memory care in our area. Some of Pines of Sarasota’s exceptional attributes include:

  • Two on-site child care centers, which allow for a multitude of intergenerational activities that benefit the children and our residents. Not only do the children bring great joy to the seniors—who they call their Grandmas and Grandpas—the children learn to love and accept all people with differences, just as they love and accept the differences age and illness have brought to our residents.
  • An Education and Training Institute that provides educational materials and seminars for at-home and professional caregivers for those with dementia in 37 countries around the world.
  • The distinction of caring for the largest number of seniors who have outlived their resources than any senior care facility in Southwest Florida. All Pines’ residents are cared for equally, no matter their financial position. And we continue to care for them, despite the cost, because Pines is their home.

For more information, please contact me at (727-243-6965) or email LBegin@PinesOfSarasota.org.

Dorothy Robbins  – 100, August 26th

Aletha Paterson – 100, May 7th

Katherine Cardwell – 100, July 7th

Henrietta Daytz – 105, September 28th

Gertrude Tocco – 102, March 12th

Marie Brandstatter – 100, December 21st

Thelma Rollins – 103, April 26

Dorothy Krueger – 100, August 14th

Thelma McKahan -101, May 22nd

Helen Callahan – 102, June 13th

Edith F. Laws – 101, June 27th

Eleanor W. Landow – 102, November 3rd

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